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A site for healing, anti-racism, and community representation: Community Mural at Avivo:

In August 2020, it was just the right kind of project for me to re-connect with Avivo ArtWorks, other members and the community. Avivo drop-in sites closed in March 2020 during the government shutdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. This art mural project was led by COMPAS teaching artist Katrina Knutson and engaged nearly 180 people through listening sessions (in-person and online) and the actual painting of the mural with over 20 of those participants. Monday through Thursday, Avivo would set up camp in the parking lot each morning. Artists selected shifts to keep an organized schedule. People wanted to use the mural to heal from the trauma our Minneapolis community was experiencing. We also wanted to explore the current times and express anti-racist and Housing First values. It was an amazing experience!

My talent was smoothing out the lines between silhouettes and the sky.

Location: 1900 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

(north facing wall in parking lot off Chicago Ave. S)

Photography of completed mural: Max Haynes

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