Dimensions: 10 x 8"

Materials: glossy photograph


This photo was used in a Photovoice exhibit with the following writing:

Have you ever seen an artichoke anywhere other than the grocery store?  I hadn’t until traveling in Ireland.  Before my trip, I was talking with someone about my surprise with my recent art successes and they said I was like an artichoke.  The picture of an ugly, thorny thing came to mind, but when googling it I discovered they actually have an amazing purple bloom that unfolds from the center.  The bloom simply reveals itself.  When I was off medication, I became increasingly plagued with symptoms that took much of my energy.  After making the decision to go back on medication my art life exploded into full bloom.  There was a play on words with referring to me as an artichoke…Art-I-Choke.  Thats the way it was.  Now I’m referred to as Art-I-used-to-Choke.


Please refer to the Artwork/Multimedia/Photography gallery on this website to see the full expanse of this photo (the shop would only allow a cropped image).


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    © 2021 Martha Bird

    Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate

    Board Certified

    Martha is a recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant (2019) and the Creative Support for Individuals grant (2021).