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willow branch and stick with shadows

photo credit: Natalia Pederson

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Martha Bird is a Minneapolis-based interdisciplinary artist who specializes in traditional and sculptural basketry.  Her education weaves into her artistic practice:

  • Board Certified Holistic RN

  • Public Health Nurse

  • Masters degree in Human Development  


She exhibits her art locally, nationally and internationally. 

Martha has been creative most of her life.  A curious artist, she alternates basketry with other mediums to explore the world around her.  In 1994, Martha enrolled in a basket class. She fell in love with the materials and wove her way into activity and health after a back injury, two years of prescribed bed rest, and a bout of serious depression.  In presentations, Martha uses her life experience and research to highlight the health benefits of creating art and to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health issues.  She has built her art career and business from the ground up and offers these services to others.

Martha is a proud member of the F-O-K- Studios, St. Paul's artist collective on the west bank of the Mississippi.


"I have worked with creators for many, many years, and I have seldom known anyone with the persistence, the energy and the courage that Martha has displayed.”

— Marion Dane Bauer, Author, Co-founder  MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, Vermont College of Fine Arts

“Her innate aesthetic sense and attention to detail make each a work of art.”

— Wendy DePaolis, Curator Art and Sculpture, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Weave Together
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Martha collaborated with singer/songwriter Lynn O'Brien to capture her journey in song.

DSCF1403 copy.jpg

photo credit: Shia Yang

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