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Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 12"

Materials: rattan palm (reed), leather, copper wire, birch bark with embellishments


This creel comes with a small attached postcard of Norman Rockwell's "Grandpa and Me Go Fishing" painting (copyright permission granted).


Traditionally creel baskets are used in river fly fishing for trout.  It is designed with a hole in the lid so that a fish can be slipped in easily and quickly.  This quality creel is handwoven with rattan and my own harvested basketry willow (peeled and unpeeled) as well as wild Minnesota willow.  It is designed to absorb water without deteriorating and can be dipped in the water to keep the catch fresh.  This container is beautiful as a decoration as well as functional with straps to attach to bicycle handle bars. 

Fishing Creel Bicycle Basket

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