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Sculptural Basketry

I use basketry techniques in a conceptual way.  I like to explore themes of  body, fragility, discovery, resilience.

Individual Pieces

These sculptures were created specifically to experiment with various design elements:  form, shape, space and line.  

Ethereal Echo

In this series, I express the restorative process.  The human body, the natural world and the universe literally contains spirals, such as found in the twist of our DNA, fingerprints and our heart muscle; spider webs, snail shells and artichokes; and waves, tornadoes and the galaxies. Metaphorically, I see spirals as symbols of resilience, energy, and growth while bringing together life’s experiences, both as a journey and a reflection.  The repeat of spirals reveal the innate connection between our bodies and the world around us.

Body Fragmented

This series consists of a conceptual building of individual human body parts and experiences.  It explores the body’s lived experience of trauma, incorporating reminiscences from the past to transform life, resiliency and potential.  Each form acts as a “vessel” that may hold emptiness, vulnerability, pain and healing.

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